Where are all the food trucks?!

It’s a beautiful summer afternoon, you and your co-workers are craving a bite from one of Toronto’s amazing food trucks, but they’re nowhere to be seen. Unfortunately, this is common in Toronto due to the sad state of food truck laws in the city. Here is some information about the current rules in place.

  • Must park in a designated Green P street parking space

  • Must be at least 30 meters from any operating food establishment

  • There is a maximum of 2 trucks per city block

These rules sound pretty straightforward. But the “30-meter” rule leaves very few places for a food truck to park. There are only a handful of areas to park a truck and chances are it isn’t going to be anywhere close to your workplace. One of the most popular streets, King Street West, has recently made their “no car” pilot program permanent as well which has blocked the curbside lanes from food trucks.

The stress and uncertainty of finding a spot has cause many food trucks to go in different directions with their businesses. Some have focused mainly on catering and some have ditched the truck all together and open brick and mortar locations.

While the street food culture has been booming in other areas throughout North America, Toronto’s seems to be in decline. The people of Toronto deserve choice and the economy deserves competition. Competition forces businesses to provide better service and better products for the consumer.

Next time you can’t find your favorite food truck, it’s not because we don’t want to be there, it’s because the current rules just aren’t making it a feasible option. Contact your local community leaders to push to have this changed and bring street food back to the streets of Toronto.

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